Oakwood Dentist Office

If you live in Oakwood a dentist office that care about each and every one of their patients can be hard to find. However, look no further because Almoney and Brown is a dental practice based on honesty and integrity that provides exceptional dentistry in a friendly and caring environment. You will not find another dentist that care for your individual needs like we do. With decades of experience, our staff makes it a priority to tailor each treatment specifically to our patients. Whether you just need a normal cleaning or something more extensive, any reason is a good reason to visit our dentist office in Oakwood OH!

Do you have yellow teeth? Try our state-of-the-art professional whitening technology that lasts up to 5 years.

Are you missing a tooth? Our synthetic dental implants can mimic the look and feel of natural teeth.


Do you have stained or crooked teeth? Custom-made veneers are placed on the surface of affected teeth to cover up any undesirable parts

These are only a few of the wide variety of treatments we offer at our dentist office in Oakwood OH! We want to make sure each patient knows we offer complete family dental care and even immediate dentistry if needed. If questions ever arise in between visits, we are always just a short phone call or email away. Visit our Oakwood dentist office and after just one appointment, you will be much more confidence and comfortable displaying your new and improved smile! 

Our staff of dentists and dental hygienists have one simple goal – create beautiful smiles that will last a lifetime! They do this by asking questions, assessing the patient’s situation, and creating a treatment plan for that specific patient. We also try to make our appointments and treatments as affordable and as painless as possible. We know that an appointment at your Oakwood dentist office is quite important – it’s the first step on your journey towards better oral health!

You deserve a smile that is healthy and looks great too! Join our many other happy customers and remember to call our Oakwood dentist office for an appointment that will change your life.